Friday, September 21, 2012

Something A Little Different This Week !!

A very lovely spanko buddy in Canada wrote me this little story, and I thought I would share it here with you all...his vision of a visit with Miss Kiley!

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Please enjoy my friend B's story !!

The doorbell rang. It was my neighbor Bob.
"Hi Kiley, can I talk to you about something?" he said.
"Sure, come on in!" I replied.
We made small talk for a few minutes but I could tell he was nervous, so I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about. He looked at the floor and stammered a bit before the words started to flow.
"One day a month or two ago I was walking between our houses, past your living room window, and heard a noise and looked up . . . and I . . . er . . . saw you . . . um . . . spanking that college girl who lives up the street. I was shocked, but my feet wouldn't move. I was fascinated, and not only because a beautiful young girl was lying naked over your lap! I know I shouldn't have watched, but I stood there peeking in your window for probably 20 minutes as you spanked her, first with your hand, then with a leather paddle. I could see her bottom turning from white to pink to a light red. Then you had her stand up, and I saw the two of you smile at each other. She leaned over the arm of the sofa and you picked up what looked like a walking cane, though smaller, and I saw you swish it at her bare bottom about a dozen times, pausing between each stroke to lightly caress that whole area.
"I finally came to my senses and walked away, but my mind was racing. I was shocked, intrigued, and strangely . . . turned on. Since then, I've kind of kept an eye on your place and I've seen that the college girl seems to come over every Tuesday evening. I wait a while after she arrives, then sneak out to my spot by your window and peek in as she takes off all her clothes and lies across your lap. You smile at her, and you begin to spank her vigorously. I love the way her cheeks jiggle as you slap her bottom firmly with your hand and then the paddle! Sometimes I've seen you use a riding crop on her. You both seem to be enjoying yourselves.
"As the weeks went on, I started to fantasize more and more about what it would be like to be . . . um . . . in that college girl's place. I couldn't believe I was having thoughts like that! And I knew I shouldn't have been watching through your window, but I couldn't tear myself away. So I've come here today to apologize to you, and to ask if you . . . um . . . might possibly be interested in . . . um . . . spanking me."
"You want me to spank you?" I replied, still reeling from what I'd been hearing. "Over your jeans?"
"Um, no, not over my jeans," Bob said. "Um . . . on the bare bottom. In fact, if it was all right with you, I'd like to be naked, just like the college girl."
I smiled. A big smile.
"I'm going into the kitchen to get a drink," I said. "While I'm gone, you take off all your clothes, put them in that chair over there, and stand here naked with your hands on top of your head until I get back."
I could hardly contain my glee and I'm sure I let out a little giggle as I opened the fridge door. When I went back into the living room, Bob was standing there naked with his hands on top of his head, just as directed. I sat on the couch and beckoned him to come over and stand beside me.
"You're sure you want me to spank you?" I asked him.
"Um . . . yes, I'm sure," he replied. I smiled again.
"Bob, I know that it took great courage for you to come here today and not only confess that you have been peeking in my window but also to admit that you are curious about being spanked yourself."
I knew he was terribly embarrassed, standing there naked with his hands on his head, and I couldn't resist teasing him a little.
"So Bob, tell me again exactly what it is you want?" I said with faux innocence.
"Um," he stammered, "Kiley, would you please spank me on my bare bottom?"
I laughed with delight.
"Bob, I would GLADLY spank you on your bare bottom! Now get over my lap!"
He draped his body across me on the sofa, and I started to lightly rub his bottom, which was full and round and masculine, with a light covering of fine hair. I was trying to put him at ease because he was trembling a little. Then I gave his bottom a gentle slap on the left cheek, then on the right. And then again. And again and again and again, harder and with increasing speed until I couldn't swing my arm any faster. The loud smack of bare hand slapping bare bottom is always intoxicating! I thought I heard Bob moan. Time flew by as I spanked him with my hand, then with my leather paddle and finally the riding crop. Eventually, as his bottom turned a light to medium red, I thought he had probably had enough for a first-ever spanking.
"OK," I said. "You can get up now and put your clothes on."
I loved the experience, but I wasn't entirely sure what Bob was thinking as he was being quiet. Then he threw his arms around my neck and said, "Thank you, Kiley, thank you so much for spanking me!" I breathed a sigh of relief.
Then, just as he was leaving, at the front door, he said: "Kiley . . . er . . . if I came back next week, would you . . . um . . . maybe use your cane on me?"
The End
Such a lovely story, thank you !!

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  1. A very nice story. It's good to be Bob.


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