Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jeremy's First Scolding

Dear Diary,

I met Jeremy at dinner tonight. Nathaniel had asked me to meet them in his library for drinks before dinner so they could introduce me to Jeremy there, but, as I expected, he did not appear. He then chose to arrive at the dinner table a full fifteen minutes after dinner had already been served...

"Jeremy, you are late again!" Nathaniel said. "You cannot continue to expect us to wait for you to appear at your leisure for dinner. You also were well aware we have a guest, and your tardiness is very disrespectful!"

Jeremy watched me out of the corner of his eye as he responded to his Grandfather. "Gosh, sorry gramps, didn't realize your friend was so hot to meet me."

Such impertinence!!! I made a note in my "Infraction Book" then addressed Jeremy.

"My name is Miss Kiley. I am very pleased to finally meet you."

"I bet you are, K" Jeremy said with a wink..."I just bet you are!"

Well, this is certainly going to be quite an entertaining assignment.

Fixing him with a stern gaze, I proceeded to inform him exactly why I was visiting. "Jeremy, I am here to correct your behavior. Your grandparents have asked me to return you to the well-behaved young man that you were before you came to live with them, and I intend to do that very thing. I will expect you to report to my room this evening at 9:00 PM sharp for the first of many behavior modification sessions you and I will be sharing. Do not be early and do not be late. If you do not appear at 9:00 PM, I will not come looking for you and you run the risk of having your first disciplinary session held in public, rather than in private. Do you understand?"

He held my gaze for a moment, then dropped his eyes. "Yes Ma'am" he muttered.

"Speak up!" I said, "and look at me when I speak to you!" 

He looked at me. "Yes, Ma'am, I will be at your room at 9:00 PM sharp."

Having finished my dinner, I excused myself and went to my rooms to prepare for his visit. I did not plan to spank him this first time; I find that the first visit needs to be for rule and boundary setting. Chastising him for his behavior and explaining to him my expectations would be sufficient for this first session. However, I did put out the hairbrush, the belt and the cane...I wanted to instill in him that I am very serious about my work. I arranged the chair I had requested from the dining room and settled myself to wait for his appearance.

He knocked precisely at 9:00 PM. I must admit I was surprised, I honestly expected him to purposely be late, a sort of testing, but he chose to show up on time. I felt a little thrill when I heard him knock, the thought of spanking his firm behind does, I admit, excite me and I briefly hoped that he would give me a reason to take the hairbrush to his ass tonight ;)

"Come in, and close the door behind you" I said.

He came in, closed the door, and stood awkwardly, unsure of what he should do or say. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, I couldn't help but admire his body, obviously he took care of himself. "Turn around" I told him. He turned, and even through his jeans I could tell his bottom was full and firm...there goes that thrill again, my hand itched to pick up my favorite hairbrush and put him over my knee.

"Tonight will be an easy one for you, my dear Jeremy. Although I have already witnessed your insolence, I make it a rule to use this first meeting to instruct you in my expectations as to your behavior. Tonight you will also learn just what punishments will be in store for you as we work to correct your misdeeds. Do you understand?"

Looking down at the floor, he replied "yes ma'am". "Jeremy, look at me when I speak to you understand?" "Yes Ma'am!" he replied, looking me in the eye.

"Very that you understand why I am here, let me tell you what I have already observed, what I will be looking for and what we will be working to correct. I understand from your grandparents that your mother has always been a very firm disciplinarian with you, and that until you came here you were very well-behaved and very polite. I have seen none of those things in the short time I have been here. You have been rude to your grandparents and to myself. You have disrespected the employees of this house by deciding that you will live by your own schedule, rather than the schedule this household keeps. While your personal appearance is neat and tidy, you keep your room in a complete state of disarray and constantly expect others to clean up after you. You appear to have quite a high opinion of yourself, one that, in my opinion, is completely unfounded. You may consider yourself an adult, but from what I have been told and what I have personally observed, you are an ill-mannered, obnoxious young man who needs to be taken down a peg or two and reminded how to behave in a civilized society. Do you understand so far?"  I could feel my excitement building, the warmth spreading through me as I chastised him. This initial meeting, this scolding ritual always gets my juices flowing, sparking the anticipation of the spankings to come. I could tell by looking at him that the scolding was affecting him, too. I took note of the bulge forming in his pants, knowing I could use his excitment to my advantage.

Staring at the floor, he dug his toe into the carpet. "Yes, Ma'am" he muttered.

"Young man, how many times must I tell you...when you address me, you are to look at me and speak to me respectfully?! Now, do you understand what I am saying?!"

He looked at me. "Yes Ma'am, I understand."

"Very good. First, we will set some rules. While you are living in your grandparents' house you will speak to your grandparents respectfully. No more "gramps"...they are "grandfather and grandmother". While I am here, I am to be addressed as Miss Kiley, not "K" as you so flippantly tossed out at dinner. Your room is to be kept clean, BY YOU, at all times. Betty is NOT your personal maid, and no one in this house is responsible for your things except for you. You know the schedule this house runs on, breakfast  and dinner are served at certain times, and your curfew is very specific. You will abide by those times from now on, in fact, your assignment before we meet tomorrow night is to write out your daily schedule, house and school combined, one copy for me and one copy for yourself. You will add to that schedule one hour each day to be spent with me, Sunday through Thursday at 9:00 PM and Friday and Saturday at 6:00 PM, so that you might also have a social life on the weekends. Are we clear so far?"

"Yes Miss Kiley"...hmmmm, was that a little bit of sarcasm I heard in his voice? No matter, it won't be there for long ;)

"This is my Infraction Book. In it, I keep track of everything I see, or am told, about your behavior. Things in this book will determine your course of punishment. Before my assignment here is done, I expect that you will be quite willing to tell me what should be written in the book...this will be an excellent way for you to change the behaviors we do not want to continue. Now, do you have any questions?"

His eyes strayed to the implements lying on the bed. "Do you plan to use those on me?" he asked rather breathlessly.

"Oh yes" I replied, "most definitely! The hairbrush is for mild infractions, backtalk and the like. The belt is for more flagrant infractions, being late for class or for meals, failure to keep your room clean or clean up after yourself, and the cane...well, the cane is for the worst infractions, a missed curfew or flagrant insubordination or disrespect toward your grandparents, the household staff or myself. You may only experience one of them in a disciplinary session, or you may experience all three...that, of course, is up to you. Anything else?"

"No Ma'am, I have no other questions." He was definitely aroused by our conversation...and he wasn't the only one.

"Very well, you are dismissed for this evening. I will expect you tomorrow evening at 9:00 PM to begin our behavior modification. Remember to bring my copy of your daily schedule. Have a good night, Jeremy."

"Thank you Miss Kiley" he replied, and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

This has been a very long day and I am ready for a bath and some sleep. I also must do something about my own excitement. I must admit, dear diary, that I am very much looking forward to having this young man over my knee. I almost hope he requires quite a lot of correction while I am here!


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