Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A new day, a new job!

Dear Diary,

Today I start a new two week position. As I rode in the car that was sent to bring me to my new post, I reviewed the letters that had been exchanged between myself and my new client.
My Dear Miss Kiley,

      My name is Nathaniel S***. Your information was given to me by a very good friend (Jack K***) whom I believe you recently assisted with a similar problem. My wife and I have recently taken in our 18 year old grandson Jeremy, at his parents' request, so he may attend college near us. Our daughter-in-law has always been a very strict parent, handling the discipline of their child quite well, and he has always been a very well behaved child thanks to his mother's unceasing devotion to his discipline. However, since he has come to us, he has become quite unruly, coming home past his curfew, sleeping far into the morning (as if he expects the household to hold breakfast for him) and, perhaps most shockingly, speaking to myself and his grandmother most impertinently...I am not "Gramps"!!

     My wife and I certainly do not wish to involve his parents at this time, but we do need to do something to remind him that we expect him to behave in the same manner in our home as he does in his parents' home. I do hope you will be able to come to us for a period of time in order to correct his behavior before it gets further out of control.


Nathaniel S***

I, of course, replied promptly.
Mr. S***

     I would be happy to come to your assistance. I can give you two weeks right away and, if necessary, I can arrange for subsequent "refresher" visits as needed. There is no need for you and your lovely wife to suffer your grandson's insolence, and I do believe I can solve this issue for you so you will have no further issues.

    I do not know how much our mutual friend has told you about my methods. I do require a free hand with my discipline, which means I will not accept any interference on your part as I teach Master Jeremy the proper way a young gentleman should behave. My methods may be unconventional, but I do guarantee that once my time in your home is complete, young Jeremy will be just as well-behaved in your home as he has always been in his parents' home.

     Under separate cover, please expect the details of my contract. I look forward to working with you.

Miss Kiley

The business end successfully concluded, a car was sent for me, and  I am now quite comfortably settled in my new two week home. I have been introduced to the rest of the household staff which is comprised of Betty, the maid, who is a pretty young thing with quite a mischievous twinkle in her eye; Brent, Nathaniel's secretary, a tall, dark and brooding young man; and Diana, the cook, who appears to have quite a collection of wooden spoons, perhaps a few too many for one kitchen. Nathaniel and his wife Louise are a delightful couple and very distressed by the behavior of young Jeremy. He is due home from classes at any time, and he and I will have the first of many, many "discussions".


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