Friday, September 21, 2012

Something A Little Different This Week !!

A very lovely spanko buddy in Canada wrote me this little story, and I thought I would share it here with you all...his vision of a visit with Miss Kiley!

If you'd like to share a story with me, and have me share it here, email me at and if I like it and think it is appropriate to this blog, you could see it here, too !!

Please enjoy my friend B's story !!

The doorbell rang. It was my neighbor Bob.
"Hi Kiley, can I talk to you about something?" he said.
"Sure, come on in!" I replied.
We made small talk for a few minutes but I could tell he was nervous, so I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about. He looked at the floor and stammered a bit before the words started to flow.
"One day a month or two ago I was walking between our houses, past your living room window, and heard a noise and looked up . . . and I . . . er . . . saw you . . . um . . . spanking that college girl who lives up the street. I was shocked, but my feet wouldn't move. I was fascinated, and not only because a beautiful young girl was lying naked over your lap! I know I shouldn't have watched, but I stood there peeking in your window for probably 20 minutes as you spanked her, first with your hand, then with a leather paddle. I could see her bottom turning from white to pink to a light red. Then you had her stand up, and I saw the two of you smile at each other. She leaned over the arm of the sofa and you picked up what looked like a walking cane, though smaller, and I saw you swish it at her bare bottom about a dozen times, pausing between each stroke to lightly caress that whole area.
"I finally came to my senses and walked away, but my mind was racing. I was shocked, intrigued, and strangely . . . turned on. Since then, I've kind of kept an eye on your place and I've seen that the college girl seems to come over every Tuesday evening. I wait a while after she arrives, then sneak out to my spot by your window and peek in as she takes off all her clothes and lies across your lap. You smile at her, and you begin to spank her vigorously. I love the way her cheeks jiggle as you slap her bottom firmly with your hand and then the paddle! Sometimes I've seen you use a riding crop on her. You both seem to be enjoying yourselves.
"As the weeks went on, I started to fantasize more and more about what it would be like to be . . . um . . . in that college girl's place. I couldn't believe I was having thoughts like that! And I knew I shouldn't have been watching through your window, but I couldn't tear myself away. So I've come here today to apologize to you, and to ask if you . . . um . . . might possibly be interested in . . . um . . . spanking me."
"You want me to spank you?" I replied, still reeling from what I'd been hearing. "Over your jeans?"
"Um, no, not over my jeans," Bob said. "Um . . . on the bare bottom. In fact, if it was all right with you, I'd like to be naked, just like the college girl."
I smiled. A big smile.
"I'm going into the kitchen to get a drink," I said. "While I'm gone, you take off all your clothes, put them in that chair over there, and stand here naked with your hands on top of your head until I get back."
I could hardly contain my glee and I'm sure I let out a little giggle as I opened the fridge door. When I went back into the living room, Bob was standing there naked with his hands on top of his head, just as directed. I sat on the couch and beckoned him to come over and stand beside me.
"You're sure you want me to spank you?" I asked him.
"Um . . . yes, I'm sure," he replied. I smiled again.
"Bob, I know that it took great courage for you to come here today and not only confess that you have been peeking in my window but also to admit that you are curious about being spanked yourself."
I knew he was terribly embarrassed, standing there naked with his hands on his head, and I couldn't resist teasing him a little.
"So Bob, tell me again exactly what it is you want?" I said with faux innocence.
"Um," he stammered, "Kiley, would you please spank me on my bare bottom?"
I laughed with delight.
"Bob, I would GLADLY spank you on your bare bottom! Now get over my lap!"
He draped his body across me on the sofa, and I started to lightly rub his bottom, which was full and round and masculine, with a light covering of fine hair. I was trying to put him at ease because he was trembling a little. Then I gave his bottom a gentle slap on the left cheek, then on the right. And then again. And again and again and again, harder and with increasing speed until I couldn't swing my arm any faster. The loud smack of bare hand slapping bare bottom is always intoxicating! I thought I heard Bob moan. Time flew by as I spanked him with my hand, then with my leather paddle and finally the riding crop. Eventually, as his bottom turned a light to medium red, I thought he had probably had enough for a first-ever spanking.
"OK," I said. "You can get up now and put your clothes on."
I loved the experience, but I wasn't entirely sure what Bob was thinking as he was being quiet. Then he threw his arms around my neck and said, "Thank you, Kiley, thank you so much for spanking me!" I breathed a sigh of relief.
Then, just as he was leaving, at the front door, he said: "Kiley . . . er . . . if I came back next week, would you . . . um . . . maybe use your cane on me?"
The End
Such a lovely story, thank you !!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miss Kiley Learns A Lesson

Dear Diary,

After the little scene I witnessed in Dr. G***'s office at The B**** School, he took me on a brief tour of the campus and then we enjoyed a lovely dinner. Conversation at dinner revolved around our mutual acquaintances, various seminars we had both attended and the town where the school is located. It was a very pleasant evening and by the time I got back to my hotel, I fell into a deep, restful sleep. I woke up bright and early the next morning, eager to meet some of the other staff, see the facilities in more detail and get a better idea of what was expected of me in my potential new position.
Late in the day, that first day, I decided I needed to get away by myself for a bit. Too many people and too much information were overloading my brain, and I needed some fresh air and some alone time. I decided a stroll around the campus would do just the trick. The grounds are quite beautiful, flowers blooming everywhere and some of the most gorgeous, mature trees surround the campus, shading the walkways and paths at every turn. One particular stand of trees caught my attention, so I headed in that direction. Once there, I was surprised to find one of the school's groundskeepers sitting on the tailgate of his truck.

"Oh! Hello!" I said, surprised. "I didn't realize anyone was here, I hope I am not disturbing you. I am Miss Kiley!"

"Ahhh, yes, Miss Kiley...I've heard about you" He took a moment to look me over. I actually found myself getting rather warm under his very frank appraisal and wondered if my simple cotton skirt and tank top met his approval.

"And you are...?" I asked, trying to get myself back under control.

He slid off the tailgate and extended his hand. "Mike...I am the head groundskeeper here."

I took a moment to appraise him. Tall, sandy blond hair, twinkling green eyes, broad, strong shoulders...and I, of course, noticed his large, rough, callused hands. A shock of desire ran through me as we shook hands.

"I have been enjoying these gorgeous grounds! And these trees in particular caught my attention."

"Carya Ovalis" he said, with a sideways glance at me as he looked at the tree we were standing beside.

"Yes, the Red very beautiful. These have obviously been here a while."

"You know your trees..." Did I hear a bit of a grin in his voice?

"Well, I certainly know a Hickory tree." At least, I know hickory switches, I thought to myself.

He proceeded to tell me probably more than I really wanted to know about the tree, but, while he talked, he reached up and plucked a branch off the tree. Not really a branch, not much more than a twig, really, but quite big enough to work as a switch. Sometimes it's difficult to have a conversation with someone when all you can do is think about spanking!

He strolled back to the tailgate of his truck and I followed, drawn by him and that darn switch in his hand!! He retook his seat on the gate and began to spin the switch between his fingers.

"Penny for your thoughts" he laughed. I started, realizing that I had been watching the switch in his hand, and I hoped that I hadn't been drooling!

"I was just thinking what an effective discipline tool you are holding there" Yep, I was trying to stay cool and professional while trying NOT to imagine how that switch would feel and how being over his knee would feel, get the picture ;)

"So tell me, Miss Kiley, does the Disciplinarian ever need her own discipline?" 

"Well everyone needs some kind of discipline in their lives, wouldn't you agree?" There was that darn switch again!!

"I do believe, Miss Kiley, that you are absolutely correct!" With that, he grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap. He was just high enough sitting on the gate of his truck that my toes barely touched the ground.

"Wh-wh-what do you think you are doing young man?!?" It is not easy being indignant when you are dangling over someone's knee and eagerly anticipating what is to come.

"Giving the Disciplinarian a taste of her own corrective medicine"

With that, he pulled my skirt up over my behind and yanked down my panties. He ran his large, callused hand over my behind and I found myself hoping he wouldn't limit his exploration to just my behind. I was wet and throbbing, yearning for his touch, but not just the touch of his hand...I wanted, no, I craved the feel of that switch on my bare bottom. That would be where I would find my pleasure.

I heard the "swish" of the switch before I felt it connect. Instant explosion...pain, pleasure, embarrassment for my predicament, this was the moment I craved. I had to put my hand over my mouth to stifle the moan that escaped, the moan that let him know that my struggles to escape were really a plea for another stroke, another moment outside of myself, another moment in ecstasy.

I took ten strokes there under the Hickory trees, dangling over his lap. When it was over, he set me gently back down on my feet. I tidied myself, then looked him in the eyes.

"You do realize what this means, don't you?"

"No, tell me" I saw that grin in his eyes again, and I realized it was a challenge.

"Next time, it's your turn."

"I am counting on it." With that, he got into his truck, waved to me and drove off to the next job.

It was then, I think, dear diary, that I knew I would be staying at the B**** school, at least for a while ;)

More next week !!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Miss Kiley Goes Back To School !

Dear Diary,

Now that I am back home and settled (and that naughty neighbor has been dealt with) I can begin to tell you some of the adventures I enjoyed during my time as Head Disciplinarian at The B*** School. This is a very interesting school, specifically for young men and women ages 18 and up who are not quite ready to attend a University but want to begin getting exposed to university life. It is very exclusive and the Dean of the school is Dr. G****, a very nice, intelligent gentleman I had met many years ago at an education convention I was attending. I was quite surprised to receive his letter.

My Dear Miss Kiley,

I dare to hope you will recall meeting me at the ***** Convention we both attended several years ago. I was quite taken with you and have often regretted not getting your contact information at that time. Surprisingly, your name came up in conversation recently with a very dear friend, Mrs. H****, and she was kind enough to supply me with your address.

I have a proposal for you. As you can see, I am currently the Dean at The B*** School. I am fortunate to be allowed a completely free hand with the running of the school and I have decided to put into place new disciplinary procedures in order to keep our student body in line as they learn how to cope with the world around them. I feel, and I believe you share this idea, that discipline can be a great motivator and behavior modifier. The adults that attend The B*** School are not overly unruly, however, they can all benefit from regular discipline and I hope to include you in my plans.

Please contact me to make arrangements to come tour our campus and discuss the possibility of becoming our Head Disciplinarian.

Respectfully Yours,

Dr. G****

I did recall meeting Dr. G**** and I have followed his career off and on as he and I share many common interests in the realm of dicipline. I contacted him that day, and within a few days was on my way to The B*** School for what would become an amazing adventure!

I arrived at the school after an interesting flight. The gentleman seated next to me was quite older gentleman with very large, strong hands and a deep, sexy voice. I tried not to stare, and eventually closed my eyes only to find myself imagining just what those big strong hands would feel like on my bare behind. It had been quite a while since my last trip over someone's knee and the movie forming in my head featured those hands, relentlessly warming my bottom as that sexy voice told me what a naughty young lady I have been. Unfortunately the plane was far too crowded for me to, um, request a blanket ;)

The campus is located in a beautful area in the northeast U.S. Trees, gorgeously manicured lawns, fabulous athletic would be cold and snowy during the winter but I have been through cold, snowy winters before so I knew if I accepted the position I would be just fine.

I made my way to the administration building. Since it was a month before classes started, there were very few people on campus, including staff, but Dr. G*** had assured me he and his secretary would be in his office and they would take me on a grand tour of the campus.

The door to Dr. G***'s office was partially closed, so I tapped lightly as I pushed the door open. His secretary's desk was vacant, and the inner door into his office was very slightly ajar. I thought it odd that neither of them were there to greet me, they were very well aware what time I was arriving, and then I heard voices in his office. I walked over to the door, ready to announce myself, when I heard a very familiar "THWACK" followed by "Yes sir, thank you sir".

"Hmmmm" I thought to myself, "This requires some quiet investigating!"

I stood next to the slightly open door and peeked in. I had an excellent view of Dr. G***, shirt sleeves rolled up, with a large paddle in one hand and the other hand caressing the very lovely behind of the very lovely woman I guessed was his secretary bent over his desk.

"I thought I made my request very clear...have dinner reservations made well in advance as my dinner with Miss Kiley is very important and my favorite table at La Chalet would be perfect."

"Yes Sir, I understand, and I apologize for putting it off. I am sorry they were not able to accomodate you this evening."


The paddle met her pale white but rapidly reddening behind with quite a sound. I watched as the marks left by the paddle began to turn a dark, angry and oh so beautiful shade of red. I felt my unrequited spanking fantasies from the plane return with a rush. I tiptoed to the main door and quietly closed it all the way, then returned to Dr. G***'s door to watch as he disciplined his secretary.


The sound of the paddle tore through me like an electrical charge. I loved how it sounded, how she jumped slightly when it connected, I loved how her behind looked with each stroke...but I was jealous too. Dr. G*** is a very distinguished looking gentleman, and in his tie, with his sleeves rolled up and that paddle in his hand, I found myself wishing it was me bent over his desk.


"Yes Sir, thank you Sir"

Her voice was getting heavy with her arousal and as I watched, she reached one hand beneath herself as he took aim with the paddle again.


"How many is that, Miss Peters?"

"Five Sir, thank you Sir"

"How many more do you think you deserve, Miss Peters?"

"I will take as many as you require me to take, Sir"

She was obviously lost in her lust, and as I watched, I slid one hand over my own behind and one hand between my legs...pants and underwear were no barrier to the pressing need for release I felt as I watched this very erotic scene.   

"Three more Miss Peters, and you will count them for me"


"One, Sir, thank you Sir"


"Two Sir, thank you Sir"

She was on the edge of her orgasm, so close she could barely speak, and I was right with her...I craved the feel of that paddle, I craved the control of that paddle and her behind, I could feel my orgasm building as well, and knew I had to be quick. Although I wanted to be on the receiving end of Dr. G***'s paddle, I couldn't let them catch me masturbating while I spied on them.


The final one, and it resonated throughout the room, followed by the sounds of her orgasm as she cried "Oh yes Sir, three Sir, thank you Sir!"

Quietly I repeated the words to myself as I allowed my orgasm to take me. Not earth shattering, but it would suffice until I could get a proper one, spanking included.

I dashed across the room, stepped into the hall and waited until I heard Miss Peters return to her desk, then walked in with a spring in my step and a knowing smile on my face. This was going to be an excellent place to spend some time.

So there you are, Dear Diary, my introduction to The B**** School, the place I have been for the past year. I cannot wait to tell you more !!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Miss Kiley's Naughty Neighbor

Dear Diary,

It is sooo good to be home, and to have you back. Spending this last year at that boarding school, without you to tell my tales to, was terrible! I will definitely be sharing with you the many spanking adventures I had while was an interesting concept, a transitional school for college students who needed to get used to being away from home before entering University, and discipline was definitely in order!

However, I must tell you what happened this morning. I have been having an issue with my rosebushes. Three days ago, when I got home, I found several roses had been cut from several of my bushes. The next day, I walked out to get the newspaper, and more roses had been cut and left lying just outside my front door. Yesterday morning, there was a trail of rose petals leading from my front door to the bush where the rose had been cut from. I was furious!

So this morning...

I waited in the alcove by the front door. I had an excellent view of the rosebushes in the front yard, and I was close enough that I could get rather quickly to anyone who messed about with them. It was very early, the sun barely creeping over the horizon. My newspaper got delivered, so I knew it wasn't the paperboy. I left it where he threw it, I didn't want to give away that I was watching. 

After about 20 minutes, I saw the young man who lives across the street come out his front door. I waited for him to hop in his Jeep and drive off to school, but instead, he did a very curious thing. He put his backpack in the Jeep, then he stood there for a few moments, just looking around, almost as if he was waiting for someone. Then he headed across the street to my house and straight for my rose bushes! I slowly and very quietly walked up behind him and as he snipped off a rose, I spoke.

"Young man! What do you think you are doing?!?"

He dropped the rose in his hand and stammered "I..I..I was just going to leave this with your newpaper for you!"

"Oh how of my very own roses, left as a gift for me." My tone left no doubt that I did not believe him and that I was very unhappy with him. 

"Now tell me what you are really doing messing with my roses."

He stood there, not saying a word, and looking at me with a slight smirk on his face. Fortunately, I know very well how to deal with smirking young men.

"I could call the police, you know, but instead, I think I will hand out my own punishment!"

I took him by the ear and pulled him into my house. As I pulled him into my living room, I grabbed the handiest thing I could grab that would be suitable for a good spanking, a very heavy wooden ruler. I spun him to face me....oh how I couldn't wait to wipe that smirk off his face.

"I know what you do here"

That caught me completely off guard, but I didn't let it show.

"What do you mean?"

"Last year, before you went away, I was curious why so many people came, stayed an hour or two, then left again. So one day, I came over and peeked in the side window and I watched while you spanked some man."

He had watched me? Now it was definitely time for MY brand of punishment.

"Well good" I smiled sweetly "Then you know what is coming next...drop your pants!"

He unbuckled his belt, then stopped and looked at me, that same smart-ass smirk on his face.

"And what if I don't?"

"Then I will do it for you!" I ripped the belt from his pants, yanked his pants around his ankles and bent him over the arm of the sofa.

"For the rose bushes, fifty strokes with my favorite ruler and for spying on me, fifty strokes with your very own belt."

"Wait, wait!!" He squirmed, but I pressed my hand on his back to keep him still. " can't spank me, I am an adult!"

"Sometimes adults need spankings more than children do, particularly adults who live with their parents, but if you like, we can go across the street right now and talk with your parents, perhaps they might have a better idea for your punishment?"

"N-n-n-n-ooooo, my parents would be furious if they knew what I have been doing!"
"Well then, I guess spanking will have to do."

Ruler in hand, I began. Slowly at first...his behind was lily white and unmarked, so I wanted to savor the marks from the ruler as they appeared, pink at first, then gradually darkening to angry red stripes as the number of strokes mounted. I noticed his hand creep down to his cock and I knew he was thoroughly enjoying the sting of the ruler.

"I know what you are doing and I suggest you control yourself until after you leave here...a mess on my sofa or on my floor will result in an even harsher punishment."

He moved his hand away and I switched to his belt. Good, heavy and welll worn leather, it was an excellent belt for punishment. Before I started, I ran my hand lightly over his behind, once pure white now so beautifully red and welted. I felt my own arousal at the sight and the feel of his behind, but I was content to wait until I was alone to tend to that.

Fifty strokes with the belt later, I floated into my favorite chair as he stood up. He reached back and ran his hands lightly over his bottom and turned to me, his raging hard-on pointing at me.

"Thank you" he said, then he got dressed, walked out the door, went to his jeep and headed off to school.

 I saw him when he came home, he smiled and waved, asked if I needed any help with my roses, and at my laugh he went inside, a lift to his step and a smile on his face.

I do hope he clips my rose bushes again sometime ;)


Friday, June 22, 2012

This is what happens...(A personal note)

When you start a blog, then start back to school...something has to get ignored, and it is usually the blog ;)

My very personal apologies for ignoring you all for so long, and starting next week, I will be here once a week to entertain you with more stories from my diary !!

It will be nice to be back!!

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