Monday, August 13, 2012

Miss Kiley Goes Back To School !

Dear Diary,

Now that I am back home and settled (and that naughty neighbor has been dealt with) I can begin to tell you some of the adventures I enjoyed during my time as Head Disciplinarian at The B*** School. This is a very interesting school, specifically for young men and women ages 18 and up who are not quite ready to attend a University but want to begin getting exposed to university life. It is very exclusive and the Dean of the school is Dr. G****, a very nice, intelligent gentleman I had met many years ago at an education convention I was attending. I was quite surprised to receive his letter.

My Dear Miss Kiley,

I dare to hope you will recall meeting me at the ***** Convention we both attended several years ago. I was quite taken with you and have often regretted not getting your contact information at that time. Surprisingly, your name came up in conversation recently with a very dear friend, Mrs. H****, and she was kind enough to supply me with your address.

I have a proposal for you. As you can see, I am currently the Dean at The B*** School. I am fortunate to be allowed a completely free hand with the running of the school and I have decided to put into place new disciplinary procedures in order to keep our student body in line as they learn how to cope with the world around them. I feel, and I believe you share this idea, that discipline can be a great motivator and behavior modifier. The adults that attend The B*** School are not overly unruly, however, they can all benefit from regular discipline and I hope to include you in my plans.

Please contact me to make arrangements to come tour our campus and discuss the possibility of becoming our Head Disciplinarian.

Respectfully Yours,

Dr. G****

I did recall meeting Dr. G**** and I have followed his career off and on as he and I share many common interests in the realm of dicipline. I contacted him that day, and within a few days was on my way to The B*** School for what would become an amazing adventure!

I arrived at the school after an interesting flight. The gentleman seated next to me was quite older gentleman with very large, strong hands and a deep, sexy voice. I tried not to stare, and eventually closed my eyes only to find myself imagining just what those big strong hands would feel like on my bare behind. It had been quite a while since my last trip over someone's knee and the movie forming in my head featured those hands, relentlessly warming my bottom as that sexy voice told me what a naughty young lady I have been. Unfortunately the plane was far too crowded for me to, um, request a blanket ;)

The campus is located in a beautful area in the northeast U.S. Trees, gorgeously manicured lawns, fabulous athletic would be cold and snowy during the winter but I have been through cold, snowy winters before so I knew if I accepted the position I would be just fine.

I made my way to the administration building. Since it was a month before classes started, there were very few people on campus, including staff, but Dr. G*** had assured me he and his secretary would be in his office and they would take me on a grand tour of the campus.

The door to Dr. G***'s office was partially closed, so I tapped lightly as I pushed the door open. His secretary's desk was vacant, and the inner door into his office was very slightly ajar. I thought it odd that neither of them were there to greet me, they were very well aware what time I was arriving, and then I heard voices in his office. I walked over to the door, ready to announce myself, when I heard a very familiar "THWACK" followed by "Yes sir, thank you sir".

"Hmmmm" I thought to myself, "This requires some quiet investigating!"

I stood next to the slightly open door and peeked in. I had an excellent view of Dr. G***, shirt sleeves rolled up, with a large paddle in one hand and the other hand caressing the very lovely behind of the very lovely woman I guessed was his secretary bent over his desk.

"I thought I made my request very clear...have dinner reservations made well in advance as my dinner with Miss Kiley is very important and my favorite table at La Chalet would be perfect."

"Yes Sir, I understand, and I apologize for putting it off. I am sorry they were not able to accomodate you this evening."


The paddle met her pale white but rapidly reddening behind with quite a sound. I watched as the marks left by the paddle began to turn a dark, angry and oh so beautiful shade of red. I felt my unrequited spanking fantasies from the plane return with a rush. I tiptoed to the main door and quietly closed it all the way, then returned to Dr. G***'s door to watch as he disciplined his secretary.


The sound of the paddle tore through me like an electrical charge. I loved how it sounded, how she jumped slightly when it connected, I loved how her behind looked with each stroke...but I was jealous too. Dr. G*** is a very distinguished looking gentleman, and in his tie, with his sleeves rolled up and that paddle in his hand, I found myself wishing it was me bent over his desk.


"Yes Sir, thank you Sir"

Her voice was getting heavy with her arousal and as I watched, she reached one hand beneath herself as he took aim with the paddle again.


"How many is that, Miss Peters?"

"Five Sir, thank you Sir"

"How many more do you think you deserve, Miss Peters?"

"I will take as many as you require me to take, Sir"

She was obviously lost in her lust, and as I watched, I slid one hand over my own behind and one hand between my legs...pants and underwear were no barrier to the pressing need for release I felt as I watched this very erotic scene.   

"Three more Miss Peters, and you will count them for me"


"One, Sir, thank you Sir"


"Two Sir, thank you Sir"

She was on the edge of her orgasm, so close she could barely speak, and I was right with her...I craved the feel of that paddle, I craved the control of that paddle and her behind, I could feel my orgasm building as well, and knew I had to be quick. Although I wanted to be on the receiving end of Dr. G***'s paddle, I couldn't let them catch me masturbating while I spied on them.


The final one, and it resonated throughout the room, followed by the sounds of her orgasm as she cried "Oh yes Sir, three Sir, thank you Sir!"

Quietly I repeated the words to myself as I allowed my orgasm to take me. Not earth shattering, but it would suffice until I could get a proper one, spanking included.

I dashed across the room, stepped into the hall and waited until I heard Miss Peters return to her desk, then walked in with a spring in my step and a knowing smile on my face. This was going to be an excellent place to spend some time.

So there you are, Dear Diary, my introduction to The B**** School, the place I have been for the past year. I cannot wait to tell you more !!


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