Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miss Kiley Learns A Lesson

Dear Diary,

After the little scene I witnessed in Dr. G***'s office at The B**** School, he took me on a brief tour of the campus and then we enjoyed a lovely dinner. Conversation at dinner revolved around our mutual acquaintances, various seminars we had both attended and the town where the school is located. It was a very pleasant evening and by the time I got back to my hotel, I fell into a deep, restful sleep. I woke up bright and early the next morning, eager to meet some of the other staff, see the facilities in more detail and get a better idea of what was expected of me in my potential new position.
Late in the day, that first day, I decided I needed to get away by myself for a bit. Too many people and too much information were overloading my brain, and I needed some fresh air and some alone time. I decided a stroll around the campus would do just the trick. The grounds are quite beautiful, flowers blooming everywhere and some of the most gorgeous, mature trees surround the campus, shading the walkways and paths at every turn. One particular stand of trees caught my attention, so I headed in that direction. Once there, I was surprised to find one of the school's groundskeepers sitting on the tailgate of his truck.

"Oh! Hello!" I said, surprised. "I didn't realize anyone was here, I hope I am not disturbing you. I am Miss Kiley!"

"Ahhh, yes, Miss Kiley...I've heard about you" He took a moment to look me over. I actually found myself getting rather warm under his very frank appraisal and wondered if my simple cotton skirt and tank top met his approval.

"And you are...?" I asked, trying to get myself back under control.

He slid off the tailgate and extended his hand. "Mike...I am the head groundskeeper here."

I took a moment to appraise him. Tall, sandy blond hair, twinkling green eyes, broad, strong shoulders...and I, of course, noticed his large, rough, callused hands. A shock of desire ran through me as we shook hands.

"I have been enjoying these gorgeous grounds! And these trees in particular caught my attention."

"Carya Ovalis" he said, with a sideways glance at me as he looked at the tree we were standing beside.

"Yes, the Red Hickory...so very beautiful. These have obviously been here a while."

"You know your trees..." Did I hear a bit of a grin in his voice?

"Well, I certainly know a Hickory tree." At least, I know hickory switches, I thought to myself.

He proceeded to tell me probably more than I really wanted to know about the tree, but, while he talked, he reached up and plucked a branch off the tree. Not really a branch, not much more than a twig, really, but quite big enough to work as a switch. Sometimes it's difficult to have a conversation with someone when all you can do is think about spanking!

He strolled back to the tailgate of his truck and I followed, drawn by him and that darn switch in his hand!! He retook his seat on the gate and began to spin the switch between his fingers.

"Penny for your thoughts" he laughed. I started, realizing that I had been watching the switch in his hand, and I hoped that I hadn't been drooling!

"I was just thinking what an effective discipline tool you are holding there" Yep, I was trying to stay cool and professional while trying NOT to imagine how that switch would feel and how being over his knee would feel, and...you get the picture ;)

"So tell me, Miss Kiley, does the Disciplinarian ever need her own discipline?" 

"Well everyone needs some kind of discipline in their lives, wouldn't you agree?" There was that darn switch again!!

"I do believe, Miss Kiley, that you are absolutely correct!" With that, he grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap. He was just high enough sitting on the gate of his truck that my toes barely touched the ground.

"Wh-wh-what do you think you are doing young man?!?" It is not easy being indignant when you are dangling over someone's knee and eagerly anticipating what is to come.

"Giving the Disciplinarian a taste of her own corrective medicine"

With that, he pulled my skirt up over my behind and yanked down my panties. He ran his large, callused hand over my behind and I found myself hoping he wouldn't limit his exploration to just my behind. I was wet and throbbing, yearning for his touch, but not just the touch of his hand...I wanted, no, I craved the feel of that switch on my bare bottom. That would be where I would find my pleasure.

I heard the "swish" of the switch before I felt it connect. Instant explosion...pain, pleasure, embarrassment for my predicament, this was the moment I craved. I had to put my hand over my mouth to stifle the moan that escaped, the moan that let him know that my struggles to escape were really a plea for another stroke, another moment outside of myself, another moment in ecstasy.

I took ten strokes there under the Hickory trees, dangling over his lap. When it was over, he set me gently back down on my feet. I tidied myself, then looked him in the eyes.

"You do realize what this means, don't you?"

"No, tell me" I saw that grin in his eyes again, and I realized it was a challenge.

"Next time, it's your turn."

"I am counting on it." With that, he got into his truck, waved to me and drove off to the next job.

It was then, I think, dear diary, that I knew I would be staying at the B**** school, at least for a while ;)

More next week !!


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