Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Betty's Turn Over My Knee

Dear Diary,

Well, the last three days have been relatively quiet here in the S*** home. Jeremy has responded nicely to his nightly discipline sessions, in fact, I have hardly had to mete out any punishment at all. Of course, the weekend is here now, we shall see if he can stick to his curfew or if that will be another issue for me to deal with.

Surprisingly enough, last night, I had to deal with a different member of the household.

I chose to visit Jeremy in his room instead of my own this time, just for a change of scenery. We had finished our discussion about his recent transgressions and of my expectations for the coming weekend and were just about to get to the spanking portion of the evening, when I glanced in the mirror over his dresser and saw Betty peeking in the open doorway. 

"Betty!" I called her name as I rose from my chair. "I know you are out there, come in here right now!"

"Yes, Miss Kiley". She came in the room, wringing her hands, a look of fear mixed with anticipation in her eyes. Betty is 25, a very voluptuous young lady, well-mannered and (or so I thought) very well-behaved. I was surprised to have caught her peeking in on Jeremy and I. While I was a little angry, I was more surprised at her behavior, and, I must admit, very excited by the thought of disciplining her for her actions; after all, Nathaniel had put the discipline of the household into my hands, and Betty most certainly had earned herself a good spanking!

"What do you think you are doing, young lady?!"

"I...I...I...", she stammered, embarrassed at having been caught, and perhaps even more embarrassed to admit her interest in the spanking Jeremy was about to receive. 

"Come here and stand in front of me" I ordered, very well aware of her embarrassment. She presented herself in front of me, pleating the hem of her skirt between her fingers, her eyes downcast. "You do realize that Mr. S*** has placed all the discipline of the household members in my hands, correct?"

"Y-y-yes, Miss Kiley, I understand" she whispered. 

"And don't you think peeping in on a private encounter is grounds for punishment?" She was blushing furiously, and I wondered how much of her blush was embarrassment and how much was excitement.

"Y-y-yes, Miss Kiley, it was very naughty of me to spy on you and Jeremy."

"I am so glad you agree." I pondered for a moment. "I think the best course of punishment for you would be to let Jeremy decide on your punishment, then let him watch while I administer it...don't you think that sounds fair?"

She shot a quick glance at Jeremy, then looked at me. "Oh please, Miss Kiley, don't let him watch!! I will take whatever punishment you decide on, but don't let him watch !!"

"But Betty, it only seems fair to me that he gets to watch your punishment, since you were trying to watch his. I think that sounds imminently suitable. Jeremy? What do you think is fair punishment for little Betty here?"

Jeremy thought for a moment. "I think a hand spanking, twenty five swats on each cheek, over your knee sounds fair." That did sound very fair to me, and I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Betty.

"Come here, Betty." The look she gave me, one of fear, anticipation and desire, let me know she had pulled this little stunt quite purposely and was about to get the result she had been hoping for. She came over to me, and I took her over my knee.

I flipped up the back of her skirt, pulled down her white cotton panties, and had to stifle my exclamation of pleasure at her beautiful bottom. Shaped like an upside down heart, it was beautifully full and firm, and oh so spankable! I had been hoping for a chance to give her a spanking but I still needed to present a professional, detached persona. It would not be good to let either of them know just how much spanking turned me on. I did, however, plan to take my time, and do a lot of in between carressing ;)

"Now young lady," I began stroking her behind as I gently chastised her. "I am shocked at your behavior this evening, and I do not expect something like this to ever happen again...do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I will never peek in on someone else's private time again!"

"Good, and just to make sure you never do, the memory of this spanking should serve as a reminder." I began to spank her, gently at first, as a warm-up, a few light swats on each cheek. She whimpered and squirmed, but she also pressed herself closer to me and raised her bottom slightly, presenting herself for the spanking still to come. 

Five firm hand spanks on each cheek, and her bottom was nicely pink...the color just enhanced the beauty of her behind, and I carressed it slowly, lovingly, enjoying the warmth coming from her spanked flesh. Another five swats on each cheek, and her breathing began to change, heavier and heavier as her whimpering changed to quiet moans of pleasure. The naughty girl was enjoying this! I gave her five more very rapid smacks on each cheek, hard and fast, and she raised her bottom to meet my hand with each stroke. Behind me on the bed, Jeremy watched, his own breathing heavy, and I knew he was incredibly aroused by the scene he was witnessing. Five more hard and fast smacks on each cheek, and I knew exactly what to do that would give us all quite a bit of pleasure.

"Betty, stand up!" She stood, a little confused since we still had ten more swats to go. "I think, since this is Jeremy's room, and it is his privacy you invaded, that HE should finish this spanking."

She blushed deeply but answered promptly "Yes, Miss Kiley, whatever you think is right."

Jeremy couldn't wait! He took my place on the edge of the bed, and took Betty over his knee, just like I had. He carressed her lovely red bottom, then administered one very well placed, and very firm, smack on each cheek, earning him squeals from Betty.  In between each of the final eight strokes, he took the time to fully soothe her bottom, surprising her with each stroke...it was definitely fun to watch her reactions as he caught her by surprise with each stroke. Finally, the last swat administered, she stood up and smoothed down her skirt, rubbing her butt as well. Then she surprised me!

"Thank you, Jeremy, for my spanking. Thank you, as well, Miss Kiley, for my punishment, I deserved it for my misdeeds and will behave properly in the future." "I hope not" I thought to myself!

"Alright, children, it is time for bed." I herded Betty out of the room, and as I closed Jeremy's door, I saw him furiously stroking himself...I knew the spanking he had given Betty would be masturbation fodder for him for quite a while!

At the door to my room, I gave Betty a hug. "You did very well, Betty, and I am glad you acccepted your punishment like a proper young lady. Thank you."

"Thank you Miss Kiley! I do hope if you feel I need another at any time, that you won't hesitate to administer it, perhaps more privately though." 

"Betty, it would be my pleasure!" Perhaps more my pleasure than she needs to know, though ;) 

I sent Betty off to bed, and sent myself off to a long, hot bubble bath. Diary, I am going to need my own spanking very soon !!



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