Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diana's Wooden Spoons

Dear Diary,

Well, the weekend has come to its conclusion, and all in all it was a peaceful one. Jeremy went out with his friends Friday and Saturday night, but was home by his curfew time each night. We have had a meeting each evening, but he has been so well behaved (his room is spotless!) that he has managed to avoid any further punishment.

Until today, that is.

I was headed for the kitchen to see if I could assist Diana in any way with dinner, as we are having a dinner party for several guests. I heard raised voices, and as I got closer to the kitchen, Jeremy came storming out, turning his head over his shoulder to look back toward the kitchen..."Bitch!!" he said, not under his breath, not loud enough for Diana to hear, but quite loud enough for ME to hear.

"Jeremy!!" I exclaimed, aghast at his language. 

He stopped short. "M-m-m-Miss Kiley! I didn't know you were there!" I could tell he knew he was due for punishment, but was unsure about exactly what form that punishment would take. Foul language is one of my biggest pet peeves and that had been made very clear to him from the beginning.

I grabbed him by his ear and almost dragged him into the kitchen.

"Ow, ow, ow...what are you doing?!" he exclaimed. I chose to ignore him and instead addressed Diana.

"Diana, young Jeremy here was overheard by me referring to you in most inappropriate terms. Might I borrow three things from your kitchen, as well as your assistance?" I knew exactly what punishment was necessary for this flagrant misdeed.

"Of course, Miss Kiley, whatever you need!" Her eyes glittered...I had a feeling Diana was going to enjoy assisting me in correcting Jeremy.

I took the bar of antibacterial soap from the sink. "Open your mouth"

Jeremy looked at me a moment..."Oh no, I am not letting you p..."

I stuck the bar of soap in his mouth as he was protesting. "Hold that right there...if you spit it out, you will only make things worse for yourself.  Diana? Might I have your best wooden spoon and the use of your counter?"

She reached into the drawer and pulled out two very nice wooden spoons. She weighed the two of them in her hand, then handed me one, keeping the other for herself. I knew she would be an excellent assistant.

I looked at Jeremy. "Bend over the counter."

"Mmmph, mph, mmmph". He knew he didn't dare take out the bar of soap, but he attempted to protest anyway, shaking his head back and forth. His embarrassment was obvious, as was, once again, his excitement.

I pushed him over onto the counter. "Diana, will you help me hold his arms behind his back?" We each took a wrist, and held his hands firmly so he could not squirm away. I pulled down his shorts and his underwear, then leaned over him and looked in his eyes.

"Jeremy, this may be the worst punishment you receive from me, worse even than your first. Cursing, and in particular cursing at your elders, is a very big problem, and neither your grandparents or the other members of this household need to be exposed to your foul mouth. I count foul language among the worst transgressions and your punishment will reflect that." 

I took the wooden spoon to his behind. No warm up, no coddling, no in-between carressing. I paddled his behind with that spoon mercilessly for 100 strokes, silently, methodically; he would only need to learn this lesson once. Then I looked at Diana.

"Diana, since you  are the offended party, you may, if you wish, repeat the process, further impressing on Jeremy the importance of this lesson."

"If we might just trade places, Kiley, I would be happy to do so." She and I switched places, and she repeated my performance with her own wooden spoon. She had an excellent form and seemed to know instinctively exactly where to hit, how many times to repeat in any one area...the works. She was a practiced spanker, who knew?!?"

Once she was finished, we admired our handiwork. Jeremy's bottom was flaming red and the spoons had left their was quite easy to see that Jeremy had been introduced to a well-seasoned pair of wooden spoons. "Stand up, Jeremy, and pull your shorts up."

He stood, pulling up his shorts, but not quite fast enough to hide the rock hard erection he had. I removed the bar of soap from his mouth and motioned him to the sink.

"Rinse your mouth out, then go to your room. You will sit down and write out (not type or print, write out in cursive) the line "I will not use foul language" 200 times. I will expect to see it when you report to me tonite."

He silently rinsed his mouth and left the room. I turned to Diana. 

"Thank you so much for your assistance, Diana. I see you have done that before?"

"Oh yes, Kiley, I regularly spank my husband. I enjoy it very much! I had never thought of the bar of soap, I will have to use that one night, he would LOVE it!!"

Diana and I talked for abit longer, and we agreed that she would take over any discipline that Jeremy might need. I would let Nathaniel and Louise know that she would be my proxy when necessary, I did not expect them to have any issues with the arrangement. Diana and I also agreed that if I was requested to work in a place where I might need an assistant, I could call on her and she would make herself available to me. We finised arrangements for the dinner party, and the rest of the evening was spent relaxing and enjoying guests. At the appointed time, Jeremy appeared at my door.

"Jeremy, I am so terribly disappointed in you. The last few days have been sterling, not a single issue, and today you had to pull out one of the worst offenses you could."

"Miss Kiley, I humbly apologie and it will never happen again. I have picked up the habit from friends, but I realize that is is unbecoming, rude and obnoxious, and I will not let it happen any longer." He handed me his line writing. I looked it over carefully as I considered my response.

"You have done very well, thank you. I accept your apology, and I expect you to apologize to Diana as well. She and I have agreed that after I leave here, she will take over as my proxy, and I expect you to show her the same level of  respect and obedience you show me. One of the most important lessons you need to learn is that no matter where you are, there is always a chance that someone can see you and what you are doing. You have to be the person you want them to see. If you want people to see a foul-mouthed, rude young man, then continue on this path...but if you want them to see an intelligent, handsome, well-mannerd gentleman, then learn to control yourself and really become that gentleman. Now, turn around and drop your pants."

"You're not going...?!?" The look of almost horror on his face let me know that the afternoon's session had not been in vain.

"No, no, Jeremy. You have had enough for today. I simply want to see the reults of our labors."

He turned and dropped his pajama pants. I held back a gasp of pleasure. The outlines of many, if not most, of the strokes with the spoons were dark red, fiery red, and I had to restrain myself from reaching out to carress his behind. Instead, I reached into my bedside table and handed him a smal tube of cream.

"Apply this to your behind tonite, then again in the morning after your shower. You will find it helps. You may go now...good night Jeremy."

He took the cream. "Good night, Miss Kiley, and thank you." He smiled a very happy smile and left the room.

Diana will do perfectly well in my place here, Dear Diary. I only have a few more days then it is off to my next assignment. I will tell you about that before my time here is through, it promises to be a lot of fun!



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